Progress in Progress

24 Nov

We are in the casting process! And the script is tighter than my first wife’s butthole. Just kidding, I’ve never been married. Zach Carter has joined on as a co-producer and Crystal Carter is doing some excellent artwork. Crystal made some sweet digital storyboards for one of the first scenes on the movie, and Zach and I put together an animatic for it. Look at this shit if you want:


Also, all the songs have been recorded in demo form as needed for shooting. All but one: Shit on Beau Nerjoos. However, any song with that title will probably write itself.

Zach, Jeff, and I went out to the woods to test out some of the equipment, and Zach put together an edit with the test footage. Notice Zach’s excellent ability to animate a bear mouth-fucking a fish. Yeah that’s right, I just wrote that sentence. Check it. It may be NSFW if your boss is against wieners and butts.

One Response to “Progress in Progress”

  1. horacearugula at 7:53 pm #

    I will accept any part in this motion picture in exchange for nothing more than the Buell Chair of Rad. No other remuneration would be necessary. Both videos are tremendously entertaining. I watched them all the way to the end

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